only 4 D.P.C.G.E.S students only
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cm bogi
cm bogi

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PostSubject: RULES   Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:21 pm

This Rules Should Be Followed By The Members Of The Club:

1.Offensive Mouth, Dont Say Non-sense Words, Be Civil ^^.

2.Respect The Others.

3.Do Not Make Fight With Your Fellow Member, I Did Not Make This Club For Fights can show your emotions in this site just post it in the vis-avis section not in the chatbox, the chat box is for chatting only ok lolz.......

6.use the chat box for chatting not for fighting or else i will spunk you aheheheheheh. joke.

7.plz dont be selfish

8.plz always attend the meeting ok?^^

9.plz invite more members for the club remember mga kailangan nila:

1.their school is D.P.C.G.E.S

2.their must be 9-14 years old only (grade 4-6)

10.if one of members saying badwords plz say it to the sentinels or in the cm ok? para mapagsabihan yung mga yun at mag ka warning na ha?

11.pwede rin kaming mang kick out ng mga makukulit na members na may warning na, ok? pwede ba respect nyo po ung mga cm kasi yung iba minumura pa ehhh!!!! yung iba inaaway pa c william may warning na yan pag pangatlo na yung warning nya kick out na sya.

13.and para sa mga may warning eto ung mga offense

1st offense:pagsasabihan

2nd offense:magmumulta ng 1peso

3rd offense: kicked out spamming

15. stop making nonsense topic

16. be cheerfull

17.always leave a comment in my friendster and post in this forum

guyz......... i want you to follow all the rules and regulations plz ty........^^ loLz..........


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